Acting on the Evolution of the Canadian Smartphone User


More than 55% of Canadians now own a smartphone. See how behaviour, usage and adoption of smartphones is evolving in the Canadian market.

With research conducted by GroupM Next, we have released a study of 1,100 Canadian smartphone owners revealing the maturation of smartphone behaviour in Canada.

Today, more than half of Canadians own a smartphone. However, the growth of smartphone use is no longer the focal point – it’s where Canadians are using their smartphones and what they do in those locations that’s important to understand. This report contains specific data to help in this understanding, as well as valuable insights that surfaced from the study.

For more information on smartphone penetration, operating system usage, mobile search marketing and and mobile application information in the Canadian market, see our Infographic on The 2014 Canadian Smartphone Market.

Acting on the Evolution of the Canadian Smartphone User – New report from Catalyst and GroupM Next by GroupM_Next