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Facebook Likes to Drop March 12

Starting later this week, admins of Facebook brand Pages will start seeing a drop in the number of Likes. Last week Facebook announced that they would be “removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from Pages’ like counts.” According to Facebook, this move is happening for two main reasons: This move will likely reduce the number … Continue Reading

2015 Changes in Facebook

According to the most recent numbers Facebook has made publicly available, more than 19 million Canadians are logging on at least once every month with 14 million of us checking our newsfeed every day.  Add to that the brand updates from the hundreds of thousands of brands and companies on Facebook and the average user … Continue Reading

The New Rules of Advertising: Marketing in a Wearable World

Last week Toronto hosted Canada’s first wearables conference. Organized by Tom Emrich of We Are Wearables, the WEST conference focused on wearables in the sports and entertainment industries. Companies such as Adidas, Indiegogo, Intel and even the US Olympic Committee were in attendance and presented to a room full of marketers, technologists and wearables enthusiasts. … Continue Reading

Wearables: The Third Wave in Digital Advertising

At the end of last year we wrote a piece on where we saw the world of content marketing going in 2014. One of the questions we asked in that article was, “What type of content will these devices deliver to the consumer and how will your brand be an early adopter and leader?”  It … Continue Reading

Thinking on the Outside of the Box – Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not just a buzzword these days. Companies are using content to provide value to their consumers and fans. Whether it is helpful content on their corporate website or engaging content on their social media channels, content marketing is an important part of any brands outreach and communications strategy. Recently, two examples of … Continue Reading

Video Saved the Radio Stars

Is Digital Video Saving Music Stars? Ever since the current generation music fans have embraced the activity of file sharing and using social media to share their favourite bands, music acts have been trying to understand how to embrace technology rather than fear it. It’s been a decades long fight. Almost 33 years ago, “Video … Continue Reading

Content Marketing: The Sky is Not Falling

Early last month popular marketing consultant Mark W. Schaefer penned a blog post on his website titled, “Content shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy”. In short, Schaefer argues that content marketing as a marketing strategy is on a trajectory towards failure for brands. While Schaefer puts across some interesting arguments his thesis … Continue Reading