Nicholas Sawarna

Nicholas Sawarna

Nicholas brings his keen interest in the digital space and writing background to his role as a content creator.

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10 Tips to Build Your Business’ Content Marketing Strategy

From messy whiteboards to overambitious content calendars, building a content marketing strategy can get complicated fast. But, with a little prior preparation, it is possible to create an effective content program to compliment any marketing objective. Keep things simple, trim the bells and whistles, learn what works and stay focused on the prize. Here are … Continue Reading

Weekly Roll-Up: Week of Oct 8 – 14

This week in the world of search, it’s all about Google: Google News begins fact-checking, Google’s experimental podium raises potential implications for search marketers and Google is furthering its mobile mission by building a new mobile search index. Google to begin rewarding the facts Articles including the ClaimReview markup or are vetted by reputable sites … Continue Reading

Weekly Roll-Up: Week of July 9-15

1. Google Makes New Emojis to Promote Diversity and Gender Equality This week Google released a new lineup of emojis which feature women characters represented in traditional male occupations, such as weightlifting and welding. The new female emojis, as with their male counterparts, are also now available in multiple skin tones. Google says the move … Continue Reading

Catalyst Recognized by Google DoubleClick for Ford Success

Attribution, consumer journeys and data-driven results are all part of Catalyst Canada’s most-recent shared success with Ford Canada. Featured by Google’s DoubleClick as a benchmark to be followed, we are pleased to announce that there is a new way to track your customers, from first glances to clicking through. Here’s how we did it: 1) … Continue Reading

Weekly Roll-Up: Week of June 11 – June 17

1) Microsoft Links Up LinkedIn This week Microsoft announced its intent to purchase professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash. With 403 million registered users, LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals online. But the move has garnered some criticism, according to The Economist: “some analysts have questioned how much bigger it [LinkedIn] … Continue Reading

Weekly Roll-Up: Week of May 14 – 20

The sun is shining and the long weekend is here. But before you turn off for a weekend of relaxation and fireworks, check out some stories which made headlines this week: 1. Are You LinkedIn? Choose Your Friends Wisely! More than 100 million LinkedIn accounts are reportedly for sale by a hacker named ‘Peace.’ The … Continue Reading

Weekly Roll-Up – Week of April 9 – 15

1) Facebook Looks to Ditch Username and Password To further streamline the process of signing on for its services and apps, Facebook hopes to lose the necessity of creating a username and password. The proposed shift to an ‘Account Kit’ would allow users to gain access to an app direct via their Facebook account or … Continue Reading