Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman

Account Manager - Content

Tzvi Grosman is an Account Manager on the Content team at Catalyst. Tzvi has a background in Marketing and Copywriting, working with several global brands across various industries.

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Navigating the Not-Com Revolution

The internet is about to get a lot bigger. Whether you want to call it the “not-com revolution,” the “dot big bang,” the “digital real estate boom” or simply the beginning of domain names with personality, the .com’s 30 years of internet prestige may quickly be coming to a close. During the next several months, … Continue Reading

The Future of Content Marketing: Looking Forward to 2015

In the hyper-competitive world of lead generation, the times are always changing – so if you’re thinking about duplicating your content marketing strategy and budget for 2015, think again. Last year, we took a look in our crystal ball to bring you our content marketing predictions for 2014. We looked at personal publishing, data-inspired content, understanding … Continue Reading

Apple and U2: A Curious Case of Content Marketing

On September 9th, 2014, Apple announced the biggest album release in history, gifting U2’s new “Songs of Innocence” album to over half a billion iTunes Store customers around the world. The album has automatically downloaded to users’ iTunes libraries, a move which earned both Apple and U2 considerable backlash in the days following the release. … Continue Reading