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Catalyst Director of Social Weighs in on Snapchat’s Idiosyncracies and Advertising Potential

Catalyst’s Director of Social, Jordan Benedet, was quoted in a recent Media in Canada article discussing the nuances of advertising plays on Instagram and Snapchat. Here are the highlights of his contribution to a larger discussion on the use of Instagram and Snapchat by brands:

While Instagram has more Canadian users than Snapchat, MiC reports that Snapchat is quickly rising in popularity across all age groups. In addition, Snapchat is used with more fervor on a daily basis. The challenge for brands on Snapchat is discoverability and cost.

Snapchat demands a higher premium than Instagram, Benedet said, although he expects Snapchat’s CPMs to lower down the road, especially if it adopts a self-service ad interface like Instagram did last year.

For brands looking to create a national campaign through a custom geofilter – like the ones used by A&W in a recent campaign – the price generally starts at $50,000, said Benedet.

Snapchat is known for its appeal to a younger audience. “That age range, as well as the content delivery style, affects the style of marketing, said Benedet. “Snapchat has much more shorter attention span, so it really comes out in their ad offerings. Their ads are typically three to five seconds long, whereas Instagram now goes to 60 seconds. Snapchat is more of a fast and focused environment.”

Now, with Instagram delivering the same “fast and focused” options, Benedet said there’s potential for it to take off.

“Everyone is copying everyone, using what works for the others and trying it on for size.”

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