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Have you noticed Google search results are getting more and more crowded? With the addition of the Knowledge Graph and the Featured Snippet above and beside paid results, there is no longer much room for organic content. But before you dismiss your work to the purgatory of ‘Page Two’ or below the fold, here’s how to up your chances of being present on both the Knowledge Graph and the Featured Snippet.

  1. What is the Knowledge Graph?

Google’s ultimate goal is to provide correct and concise answers to questions users ask without leading them away from search results. The Knowledge Graph (highlighted below in red) is designed to provide a short synopsis and basic information regarding the place, product, person, thing or idea in question. Working in tandem with the Featured Snippet, which focuses on a specific answer to a query, the Knowledge Graph serves as a quick reference point for supplementary or further information.

screenshot of google search results page for 'what are beets' with knowledge graph highlighted.


  1. How can I get my content on the Knowledge Graph?

Since the Knowledge Graph is a prominent feature in Google search results, being the informative source for it is desirable. To do this: try breaking your content into different segments, each one answering a specific question or providing supporting information relating to your main topic. Label these segments with H2 or H3 tags, all feeding into the overarching theme represented by the H1 title tag of your piece.

For example, if you were writing about your business, this is what you might normally write:

The Power of Beets

We are proud to be the biggest manufacturer of beet-related products this side of the American border. Founded in 1976, we can be found in the heart of High Park in Toronto.

This is the ideal way to set up information on your site to be featured on the Knowledge Graph:

The Power of Beets

1) What is The Power of Beets?

The Power of Beets is the biggest manufacturer of beet-related products in Canada.

2) What year was The Power of Beets founded?

The Power of Beets was founded in 1976.

3) Where is The Power of Beets located?

The Power of Beets can be found at 1730 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6P 2B4.

Note: since testimonials also occupy significant space on the Knowledge Graph, try encouraging your customers to write about and rate your company and feature feedback on your site.

  1. What is the Featured Snippet and how does it differ from the Knowledge Graph?

Unlike the Knowledge Graph, which lists supplementary specs, descriptions and information regarding the subject of a query on Google, the Featured Snippet (highlighted below in red) provides a direct answer to the search query. The information featured in the snippet is pulled by Google from the most relevant content piece appearing on the SERP.

screenshot of google search results page for 'what are beets' with featured snippet highlighted.

  1. How do I get my content pulled for the Featured Snippet?

Like the Knowledge Graph, creating compelling and concise content addressing specific queries related to your subject is key. But the way you present your content also plays an important role in whether or not it gets pulled for the Featured Snippet. Be sure to format your piece into a flowing pyramid structure, with an overarching theme or idea as your H1 title tag, supported by subsequent H2 tags or subheadings addressing questions or listing ideas directly related to your H1. These H2 tags, in turn, need to be supported by single short paragraphs explaining an idea or answering a question. These supporting paragraphs make it easy for Google to use them for the Featured Snippet.

For example, coming back to The Power of Beets, you might normally write:

The Power of Beets

For years and years, beets have played an important part of the Canadian diet. But how they are prepared is of paramount importance. Start by carefully peeling beets and cutting off their ends. Boil them until they are soft. Let them cool before eating.

Instead, here’s how to structure content that’s primed for the Featured Snippet stage:

The Power of Beets: How to Prepare the Perfect Beets

For years and years, beets have played an important part of the Canadian diet. But how they are prepared is of paramount importance.

Check out these tips from The Power of Beets on how to prepare beets:

1) Start by carefully peeling beets

2) Cut of the ends of the beets

3) Boil water in preparation for the beets

4) Boil the beets until they are soft

5) Let the beets cool before eating

  1. Being mobile optimized also helps you get into the Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippet

If 2015 was the ‘Year of Mobile,’ 2016 is certainly the ‘Year of You-Better-Be-Mobile.’ Google is well-known for their mobile-first mantra and continues to promote this idea according to their Search Quality Rating Guidelines. If your content is given a low mobile UX score by Google, there is a chance your quest to be included in the Knowledge Graph or Featured Snippet might fail before you even begin.

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