Rebecca Nava

Rebecca Nava

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Jeff Lancaster Explains Key Mobile Study Findings

This month, Catalyst CEO Jeff Lancaster authored a guest column on the Think with Google blog.

Jeff’s article outlines the key points of our 2016 Mobile Study, what it means for Canadian marketers and why “mobile is a must-have”. Here are some additional highlights:

  • We’re three years into our study and mobile ownership in Canada isn’t slowing down. Up from 55% in 2014, now 76% of Canadians own a smartphone.

  • Despite these huge increases in Canadian mobile ownership and usage, there’s still a gap to be closed in how we spend our marketing dollars and where we place our marketing efforts in this new mobile playground. Put simply, mobile is no longer an option—it’s a must-have. 
  • People settle down to a core group of apps they use regularly and then they go to the web on their smartphone for everything else. So brands need to ask themselves, “Is an app right for us?

The full article is here. 

Rebecca Nava

Rebecca Nava

Content Creator at Catalyst
With a background in immigration and non-profit relations, Rebecca brings a diverse skill set to her work at Catalyst, first as an SEM practitioner and now as a content creator. An avid writer and talented orator, she has graced stand-up, slam poetry and event stages with her booming presence and creative flair.
Rebecca Nava

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