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How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be the crucial first step toward maximizing your brand’s marketing success. This action shows you’re ready to get serious about your digital presence, and you have an idea of how valuable it can be for your business.

To make the very most of your investment, there are a few extra steps you can take. Put your agency to work with these 5 ideas and you can be sure your results will be the best they can possibly be.

1. Provide a written brief


Even in the most solid of business relationships where there’s a clear understanding of the brand and its goals, a brief provides value throughout the entire campaign.

ClickZ’s Jon Wade says, “firstly, it will help you to organize your own thoughts, to double-check exactly what you and the organization wants, as well as helping to remove any confusion in those requirements. Most importantly, it should be able to be referred back to as a reference as the project moves through the various stages from strategy to creative to production and finally to sign-off.”

With a clear, 1- 2 page brief, your agency will be able to keep your overall goals in mind with every action they take. Include your brand’s objectives and how you see digital supporting them, your current social properties, where your campaign will live, what kind of deliverables you want to see, important upcoming dates, etc. Think of your brief as laying out all your expectations. With it, you can be sure everyone’s on the same page from start to finish.

2. Plan with your overall marketing strategy in mind


Digital marketing isn’t a standalone technique that can thrive in a vacuum. Think of it instead as something to be integrated into your overall marketing plan. Digital can, and should, strengthen all your other marketing efforts.

This mindset can help you get started planning your goals and creating your brief. Think about how you can integrate content into what you’re already doing. Hosting events? You should be blogging about them. Answering calls and solving client’s problems? Take a page from River Pools who created a successful blog to answer their client’s questions. Your existing skills and marketing tactics have value. You just need to weave the new skills and tactics into them.

3. Be open minded


Online user behavior is continually evolving. Search engines are continually evolving. Marketing is continually evolving. With so much change happening all the time, no one idea of success is static. Your long-sought agency, who lives and breathes search, is there to guide you through those changing tides and provide direction. Trust them.

Wade suggests: “if you want the best work, provide the brief, not the solution. Everyone has great ideas – you’ve got some awesome ones, but keep them to yourself until you see what you get back from your agency. That’s what you pay them for after all.”

You’re in a position to nix any idea you don’t like, after all. You’ve always got the power to do that. But your commitment to digital is also commitment to embrace change.

4. Keep your agency informed


Products go in and out of stock, promotions start and end, and competitors and other stakeholders do things. Keep your agency looped in so they can take advantage of these changes. Keep them on their toes. They’ll appreciate it, because they’ll be able to constantly improve your campaigns.

5. Bonus tip: integrate your strategy


Each digital marketing tactic serves a unique function that, when working together, works like a highly effective machine. SEO works to increase your organic search visibility, social media distribution works to drive traffic to your site across the social landscape, and your content works to engage your prospects and generate purchase intent. All this amounts to brand authority. If you want your digital marketing efforts to be the best they can possibly be, kick your strategy into high gear and integrate it.

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Kait Fowlie

Kait Fowlie

Kait is a Content Creator here at Catalyst Canada, working for clients in the insurance sector.
Kait Fowlie

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