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Weekly Roll-Up: October 15 – 21

Curious to learn about the past week’s most salient news stories in the world of search and social? Take heed, digital marketers, we’ve got you covered!

In the past seven days, Google has made some interesting updates to its keyword planner, Facebook has improved the way that customers interact with Pages, and Google has made it easier for manufacturers to promote their brick-and-mortar locations.

Keep reading to get fully informed!

The Keyword Planner Gets a New Feature

This past week, Google added an insightful new feature to its Keyword Planner tool. Under its budget planning and forecast section, you can now get forecasts for your existing keywords and campaigns.


Search Engine Land’s Ginny Marvin explains how to use this new feature:

“After clicking on the “Select from account” button shown above, there is an option to select Campaign or Keyword from a drop-down. After making your selections, the tool offers performance forecasting and various looks at search volume trends….

You can also see the forecasted impact of adding new keywords. After adding keywords by clicking on the New keywords option in the left menu, you can choose All keywords, also in the left menu, to see the daily forecasts for the existing and new keywords combined.”

Facebook Updates Pages

Have you ever wished that you could order a pizza straight from your favourite pizzeria’s Facebook page? Or book a haircut as you browsed your go-to hair salon’s profile? With the Pages update, you can now do exactly that, with new calls-to-action that allow you to “Start Order,” “Book Now,” “Buy Tickets,” and “See Showtimes” straight from a business’ Facebook page.


In a news release this past Wednesday, Facebook explained the feature:

“Last year, we made calls to action more prominent on Pages to make it simpler for people and businesses to connect directly. However, the experiences customers are directed to after clicking the call-to-action button often aren’t optimized for mobile, increasing the chance that people will drop off without connecting with your business.

That’s why we’re enhancing call-to-action buttons on Pages to allow people to schedule, order, buy and do more seamlessly on your Page. Businesses can choose to add the new call-to-action buttons to their Page and provide customers with a simple form that’s easy to complete in just a few taps.

For instance, if you’re a pizzeria, hungry customers will be able to review your menu, make their selection and complete their order with you, straight from your Page. If you’re a spa, potential customers will be able to review your services and book an appointment with you, straight from your Page.”

Google Launches Affiliate Location Ad Extensions

According to Google Trends data, search queries that contain qualifiers relating to location – such as “near me” or “nearby” – have continued to increase exponentially.

This past Thursday, Google increased its efforts to capture these users’ purchase intent with the launch of its Adwords affiliate location extensions. Manufacturers will now be able to promote their locations through their Adwords ads, pointing users to nearby locations that sell the product that’s being searched.


In yesterday’s Google+ post, the search giant explained:

“We introduced location extensions ( in 2009 to help advertisers promote and drive more foot traffic to their business locations directly from search ads. We are now launching affiliate location extensions to help manufacturers drive customers to third-party retail locations that sell their products (

By promoting retail locations in your search ads, you can make them more actionable and give consumers relevant local information to drive store visits and sales. To learn more about affiliate location extensions, visit our Help Center ( and read best practices ( for turning online searches into offline sales.”

Thank you for tuning in – have a great weekend, digital marketers!

Lucy Zemljic

Lucy Zemljic is a Content Creator here at Catalyst Canada, working for globally recognized clients in the insurance and tourism sectors.

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