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Weekly Roll-Up: Week of August 13-19

Here’s what you need to know from the world of search and social this week:

Google Trends releases new tools

Along with the recent refresh of the Trends interface, Google has introduced new tools that allow users to compare search trends by geographic location and view historical data by day. Click here for the full rundown from Search Engine Land.

Instagram’s impersonation of Snapchat continues

Just a couple of weeks after introducing their own version of Snapchat’s Stories, Instagram is back at it with their version of Live Stories, which are collections of user videos from live events into a single stream. The twist is an algorithmic change that tailors Live Stories to each individual user, unlike what Snapchat does.

Here’s more from Search Engine Land:

“As with Instagram’s appropriation of Snapchat’s Stories feature two weeks ago, Instagram has made a near-identical clone of Snapchat’s Live Stories feature. And for good reason. In both examples, Instagram has taken something that made Snapchat special and turned into a commodity. But not only that, it’s opened those features up to the 300 million people who use Instagram each day, which is double the number of people that use Snapchat each day. That means at least 150 million of these people haven’t found a good enough reason to use Snapchat regularly. And if Instagram offers the same thing as Snapchat, but on a service they already use, why use Snapchat?


But as with its clone of Snapchat’s Stories, Instagram is putting an algorithmic twist on its rival’s Live Stories feature, seemingly in hopes of creating some competitive separation. Aside from showing local Live Stories to people who are in the vicinity, Snapchat’s Live Stories aren’t very tailored to each member of its audience. Instagram’s are.”

Changes as Moz signal a re-focus on SEO

After a lot of analysis and soul searching, Moz is simplifying their strategy to re-focus on search, meaning they will no longer be offering Followerwonk or Moz Content:

“”We’re focusing our efforts on core SEO such as rank tracking, keyword research, local listings, duplicate management, on-page, crawl, and links. In the future, we’ll no longer offer Moz Content or Followerwonk.”

Read more about what this means for users and for Moz from Search Engine Journal and the Moz Blog.

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman is an Account Manager on the Content team at Catalyst. Tzvi has a background in Marketing and Copywriting, working with several global brands across various industries.
Tzvi Grosman

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