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Weekly Roll-Up – Week of Jan. 30 – Feb 5

Here’s your weekly roll-up of news and information from the world of search and social:

1. Valentine’s Day searches set to surge Feb 10-14

Bing Ads released data from 2015 to help guide marketer’s efforts in winning over the consumer in time for Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s what the study tells us about search behavior and ad performance leading up to the big day:

“The real surge in searches happens in the final week before Valentine’s Day. Looking at last year’s search history from Bing, the final-week spike was more dramatic on desktop than on mobile in 2015, On desktop, searches in the final week (February 8–14) increased 77 percent, while mobile searches rose by 71 percent from the prior week.

The Bing data show that Valentine’s Day Gift-related searches peaked on February 11 last year, while candy and chocolate searches didn’t top out until February 13. It appears, would-be Valentine’s Day shoppers desperately sought out cards at the last minute; searches skyrocketed from February 12 right through to February 14.

Image sourced from Search Engine Land’s article

Overall, click-through rates were highest between Februrary 10 and 14, averaging 4.9 percent. On desktop, click-through rates peaked in the afternoon of Feburary 12 between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. On mobile, last minute-shoppers and reservation-makers drove CTRs highest on Valentine’s Day between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m.”

2. Instagram storytelling gets more creative with 60-second video ads

Following Twitter’s announcement that they’ve extended their videos from six seconds to 30, Instagram has introduced 60-second video ads. Here’s more from Marketing Land:

“Move over, 15-second Instagram videos. There’s a new guy in town: 60-second Instagram video ads, giving marketers an opportunity to tell a story and not be confined to doing so in such a short period of time.

The goal, of course, is to give marketers choice in their marketing message. Typically, it’s pretty difficult to convey any marketing communication in 15 seconds. Allowing a 60-second video would give the creative types more of a chance to make their message heard, and ideally, make it easier to communicate any calls to action or information to the consumer.

The company launched its first 60-second advertisement, for Warner Brothers, featuring a trailer of the company’s upcoming movie, “How to Be Single.“ T-Mobile was another launch partner that showed an extended Super Bowl spot featuring artist Drake.”

3. User feedback and surveys to be relied on more for story distribution on Facebook

On February 1st, Facebook’s news feed algorithm began to rely more heavily on user feedback and surveys, and less on likes, comments and shares. Here’s an excerpt from the Marketing Land article on the statement from Facebook:

“We saw through our research that people reported having a better News Feed experience when the stories they see at the top are stories they are both likely to rate highly if asked and likely to engage with.

We are making an update to News Feed that combines these two signals. News Feed will begin to look at both the probability that you would want to see the story at the top of your feed and the probability that you will like, comment on, click or share a story. We will rank stories higher in feed which we think people might take action on, and which people might want to see near the top of their News Feed.”

Facebook says some Pages may see “declines in referral traffic if the rate at which their stories are clicked on does not match how much people report wanting to see those stories near the top of their News Feed.”

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman is an Account Manager on the Content team at Catalyst. Tzvi has a background in Marketing and Copywriting, working with several global brands across various industries.
Tzvi Grosman

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