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Weekly Roll-Up: Week of July 16 – 22

Welcome to this week’s digital marketing roll-up!

On the docket today are three newsworthy announcements from some familiar leaders in the world of search and social. From art on (digital) exhibit, to a massive milestone for a worldwide messaging service, and an update on the tremendously popular Pokémon Go, read on to get the full scoop.

1. Google Reveals its Refurbished Arts & Culture Portal

This past Tuesday, Google pulled back the curtain on its newly refurbished Google Arts & Culture website and app, brought to you by the Google Cultural Institute.

From zooming in on works of art in incredible detail to reading about famous artists to taking a virtual tour of the world’s most stunning museums, the redesigned Google Arts & Culture is a veritable treasure trove.

Use it with Google Cardboard for an even more immersive experience. As Google explains on its official blog:

“With a virtual reality viewer like Google Cardboard, you can use the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS and Android to take a virtual tour of the street art scene in Rome; step inside a creation by famous street artist, Insa; or even travel 2,500 years back in time and look around the ancient Greek temple of Zeus.”


Courtesy of Google

2) Facebook Messenger Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Users

Back in April, Facebook claimed that its Messenger app’s active monthly user base was at 900 million.

On Wednesday, the social giant’s messaging app reached a monumental new milestone: a billion monthly active users.

As Karissa Bell of Mashable reports:

“Its users exchange more than 17 billion photos every month, according to the company, and more than 22 million animated GIFs a day. Business communication on Messenger is also up, with more than a billion messages between users and companies every month.”

How did Facebook mark the occasion? With a whimsical floating balloon emoji, of course!

Photo courtesy of Facebook

3. Brands Jump On the Pokémon Go Bandwagon

Now that Pokémon Go has officially launched in Canada, the mobile pocket monster craze has taken the country by storm. But excited kids and nostalgic adults aren’t the only ones getting in on the Pokémon craze.

Brands are jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon in droves – from Pokémon Go-inspired social media posts (like Amazon’s simple-yet-effective Tweet) to in-store efforts at brands’ brick-and-mortar locations (like this sign at the Rock Candy Boutique in Halifax.)

How can brands successfully leverage the popularity of Pokémon Go? Cue Forbes Contributor Paul Armstrong and his list of “5 Things Your Brand Should Be Doing On ‘Pokemon Go’ Right Now.”

“Whether Pokémon Go continues its meteoric rise is not in question.  There are a lot more territories to launch and interested parties to bring on board but even with these elements long-term success is not a given.  As with all new shiny things that explode into popular culture, they can burn bright but not for long.  Until more direct costs and usage numbers are known, small steps that promote real-world and sustainable behaviours is a safe and easy move.”

With Pokémon Go launching this past Wednesday in Japan, and partnering with McDonalds Japan to debut its first “Sponsored Locations,” it remains to be seen how the Pokémon Go phenomenon will shake up the world of advertising.


Photo courtesy of The Verge

Lucy Zemljic

Lucy Zemljic is a Content Creator here at Catalyst Canada, working for globally recognized clients in the insurance and tourism sectors.

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