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Weekly Roll-Up: Week of Sept 24-30

Here’s what you need to know from the world of search and social this week:

Google rolls out a new blog

On Thursday, Google unveiled a new blog, titled “The Keyword”:


“The Keyword is all the stuff we had across 19 blogs, in one place — so you don’t have to hop from one blog to another to find the latest update. If you’re looking for something from Google from now on, chances are it’s here”

Check out the full story from The Keyword itself.

Apple app store ads go live October 5th

Apple announced this week that they will be rolling out search ads for the app store on October 5th, and developers will also receive a $100 credit for the first campaign. Here’s more from the full story on Search Engine Land:

“After a beta period that began in June, Apple is now opening up Search Ads for the App Store to all publishers and developers. It’s currently available for the iPhone and iPad only in the US.”

” Developers set a max daily budget and an overall campaign budget. Apple’s Search Ads use the familiar “second price auction” to set winning bid prices. Apple says that relevance and bid price will determine which ads show. (Developers will pay on a “cost per tap” basis.)

Search Ads allow for bidding on the iPhone or iPad individually. There’s a keyword suggestion tool, with popularity indicators and negative keyword capabilities. There are audience targeting features, including customer type (e.g., has not downloaded) gender, age and location. And of course there are analytics.”

Happy Birthday Google!



Google celebrated its 18th birthday on Tuesday, September 27th with a Doodle created by German artist Gerben Steenks. Google has celebrated its birthday on different days throughout September in the past, but officially adopted the 27th as its birthday in 2005.

Check out the latest doodle, and all the ones that came before it here.

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman

Tzvi Grosman is an Account Manager on the Content team at Catalyst. Tzvi has a background in Marketing and Copywriting, working with several global brands across various industries.
Tzvi Grosman

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