Contextual Search

Search has become increasingly mobile, and with that trend being fully realised, we see search patterns change based on where, when, and why a user is searching. Bidding just on query volume is no longer an adequate solution to driving meaningful results. We use a variety of tools to measure and optimize against user signals based on location data, web activity, content preferences, research, and third-party data. In this way we can deliver search strategy that has a direct impact on business results.

Comprehensive Paid Search Services

Catalyst Paid Search services are fully comprehensive. We do it all, from keyword research to ad messaging, landing page, bid optimization, as well as methodical and continuous testing. We can restructure your entire account, optimize with incremental improvements, facilitate next-level growth, and everything in between.

We are constantly pushing the envelope, often being the first to receive access to search engine alpha and beta tests with all major partners.