Catalyst & GroupM Next: Retail Showrooming in Canada

Retail Showrooming in Canada: A Study from Catalyst & GroupM Next

GroupM Next and Catalyst, the leader in search marketing innovation, teamed up to conduct research in order to provide brands with an understanding of consumer behaviour as it relates to showrooming in Canada. The question this research attempts to answer is, how much of a discount will compel a customer to make an online purchase? All else equal, consumers would prefer to have an item now, rather than later, so how much of a discount will it take for someone to leave the store and wait for shipping? How many leave for 5% off? What about 10%? How many shoppers will walk for merely pennies?

See the Showrooming in Canada study below and contact us if you have any questions about the research.

Retail Showrooming In Canada – A report from GroupM Next and Catalyst by GroupM_Next